Mission & Vision

Vision & Mission

Linguistic / word development . a child whose strength lies in word intelligence , enjoys books , stories and of course talking.(here our teacher try to develop a confidence level & vocabulary skills in all kids).

Our Vision

Physical / motor development activities like yoga, karate, physical training and aerobics, help to maintain better health and concentration of mind and body.

Environment which nourishes multi –cultural diversity and honors ethnic backgrounds.

Creative development express ideas by art/craft according to “ Bal Ganesha ” students possess different kind of minds and therefore learn , remember , perform and understand in different ways.

Our Mission

Children follow the Maxim. " They do They remember " And hence the Curriculum emphasizes open places with Child friendly equipment.

The Curriculum emphasizes visual stimulation through Pictures and animated videos as children follow the maxim. " They see They Understand "

Influnces how children act and learn inviting , easily accessible prompts children to use material.

Inculcates a sense of independence..